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Reading your Bible daily

Central to your journey is your connection with the Bible, which is like a personal letter from Him to you. We recommend using the S.O.A.P. personal daily devotional method, which stands for:


Read one passage (header to header) of scripture or one chapter but no more


Write down what sticks out to you or what you believe God might be showing you or what confuses you, things you have a question too or want to explore. With what you observe, read up on definitions of words and other scriptures pertaining to the observations.


With what you observed, ask God to show you the action steps to that. Forgiveness, repentance, serving, change of thought, etc. Whatever you believe God is saying as you listen to Him through those observations.


End with thanking God, praising Him for who He is and what He’s doing in your life. Making requests for other and yourself, asking for forgiveness, direction and what you want to grow in. Also how to really apply what God is showing you, taking it from head knowledge to heart faith.

What are Some Bible Reading Plans?

If you have ever thought about reading your Bible, you’ve probably discovered the YouVersion Bible App for your phone or tablet. Or maybe you haven’t heard about YouVersion. It’s a fantastic resource with so many great Bible reading plans.

However, once people find it, the most common question we get are:

“I want to read the Bible but where do I start?” So, We thought we would put something together to help. Below are a few reading plans that will help get you started.

  • The Better Reading Plan – 28 Days
    • During this 28-day reading plan, you will discover ways you can go from living just a good life to living the type of better life that God desires you to have.
  • One Story That Leads to Jesus – Bible in One Year 
    • Choose this one-year reading plan for an epic learning journey that helps you experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.
  • I Am – 28 Days
    • we’ll explore some of these stories to find out how Jesus described himself to others. We’ll take a look at what changes when we hear Jesus tell us he is love, he is truth, he is always with us, and how he is our Savior.

Questions?  We’d love to help!  Send Us an Email